Pocho Ocho top premiums for donors to $heriff Joe’s KickStarter

sheriffjoeoinkMaricopa County Arizona $heriff Joe Arpaio is in big legal trouble and is asking supporters to help.

Arpaio said he doesn’t have the money for attorneys, adding that he feels “targeted” by the immigration rights groups that have sued him to stop what they say are racist policies targeting Latinos, according to the Los Angeles Times.

sheriffjoehogAmerica’s Top Sheriff’s KickStarter page offers tiered “premiums” to supporters for various levels of donations — and here are the Pocho Ocho top goodies:

8. GUARDIAN $50: Support badge that can be displayed on your website, Facebook, or Twitter. Exclusive email updates regarding the Sheriff’s legal defense, including his thoughts on Life, the Universe and Everything.

7. PARTNER $100: An automated phone call from the Sheriff’s Office to the wetback of your choice demanding they “show their papers.”

6. PATRIOT $500: Pink chonies signed by Sheriff Joe (mens’ sizes add $150.)

5. MINUTEMAN $1000: Nude mud pig wrestling with the deputy of your choice.

4. DEFENDER $5000: 18 rounds at Snow Bird Country Club with Sheriff Joe, Sheriff’s Deputy Steven Segal and Senator John McCain.

3. STORMTROOPER $10,000: Eeny meeny miney moe, help catch a Mexi by the toe in Sheriff’s Joe’s tank.

2. UBERBEANERFUHRER $25,000: Exclusive on-the-set access to the filming of the next Sheriff Joe-Jan Brewja sex tapes.

And Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s top premium to KickStarter backers is…

GRAND WIZARD $50,000: Sheriff Joe will deport the person of your choice under the color of the law.


Lalo Alcaraz, Professor Equis, Eres Nerd and Comic Saenz contributed to this report.