Pocho Ocho Top Ways to Decolonize Your Diet

corn-maizDecolonizing your diet is more than a trendy Chicanx meme, it’s a book, and a chingon idea.

If you want to just say “No!” to the comida of the Conquistadors and eat what Tlaloc intended — the authentic food of your ancestors — here are the Pocho Ocho Top Ways to Decolonize Your Diet:

8. Take the milk out of chocolate and put the chile back in

7. Honor the Aztecs and eat more of Moctezuma’s gold

6. Chihuahua on a stick

5. Say goodbye to Tex-Mex and hola to Mex-Tex

4. Tequila — it’s not just for breakfast anymore

3. Two words: E Lotes

2. #tacotrucksoneverycorner

And the Numero Uno Top Way to Decolonize Your Diet is…

Insist on Mexican Coke. It’s the real cosa.

Especial Correspondents Comic Saenz, Eres Nerd, LunaSol, Professor Equis, and Estefania Zavala contributed to this report.