Three poems from Mexington, KY by Profe. Steven Alvarez (audio)



MS Codex Mojaodicus: legit copy / Paper ink draft /

that Great Amurkan Prophet / Patriot
w/ colors that ain’t ever gonna run
bleedin stripes & stars
barbacoa’d redmeat eatin
freedom starlovin
pickup truck drivin
prophecies transnationally:
O Sr Citizen Henry w/ Borders
—Operator Gatekeeper himself—
our gendered Amurkan Citizen
from güey on Right
not waiting one Minute(man)
for questions abt all them “beaners”
makin babies & fillin
classrooms w/ their primitive
slangwedge & spickin of that
bringing in lice & vermin / & venereal diseases
from that land o’ tortillas
& to grease OUR lovely Amurka
w/ fatty carnitas & slimey cornhusked meatcakes . . .
invading Our Amurka
them goddamned animals
livin in trailers / 65-70 aliens
in eversingle one . . .

& thus takin ‘pon himself O Sr Citizen Henry
(pos w/ additional Patriots like himself)
always always always urged them brownie bastards
on back yonder to their Queen Shakira
or whoever
back into that dysfunctional haven of narcos
& death they have always ran from

& O Sr Citizen Henry of impeccable
personified smoothness
& slender veiny whiteglove
encased hands
& enormous—nay—vast—cultural geometry
complex & awkwardly dignified
behind his paleface / one vast distinctly Amurkan
face between here & his historic formerly
reading to schoolkids
at Francisco Kino Elementary
in Tombstone / AZtlán turns
that next page in his newest picturebook
Down from Amurka / Back to Castizalandia
young reader version of his equally as childish
adult study ¿Who Are They? The Greasing of Amurka’s National Identity
invited by his teacher wifey Esther to read to these
chamacos / mostly brown in shape & texture
but Amurkan in location / & lookin
at him all settin there all brown & bigeyed
lookin up at Sr Citizen / I tell ye / ye’da
split yr Levi’s & dropped bears
if ye’da seen it—
lo que pasa es . . .

Henry held up that selfpublished picturebook
& ¡O racista Henry![1] read:

“& one day some beaner son of a shameless mut squah—”

[glyph: a mustachioed Tío Taco]

“decides to try his
“luck against il reeyo bravo
“but first prays to his ‘santo’
“some masked loochadoor wrassler named San Avabiche
“& after a-lightin four candles
“walks close
“on his dry Messkin land & he aint been
“away from this same spot for but two weeks
“& as he’s a-wadin w/ his garbagebag
“containing his clothes & cacahuates
“tortillas & energy drink
“some greengo hero out
“of nowhere pops up in front of him”

[glyph: Uncy Sam w/ thick cristalino frontier pointed finger]

“‘CHINGAO’ sez that paylado con grasa

“& Sammy our Sammy that Amurkan hero
“who of course that illegal Beaner wdn’t know
“sez ‘hey there Meester Moehaydo
“‘hello aint seen you for a spell
“‘¿where you been?’

“well this pepperbelly sez something in Messikin
“& Tío Sam sez somehow knowing
“that wet nodding yonder
“right / up on that theah dry land / tierra firma
“back on over in the madreland”

[glyph: ¿now where’s that? / dark wasteland contrasted with green lushness]

“‘say compadray: ¿ain’t it wet up there
“‘on that shithole you descend from ameego?
“‘¿zit coo & refreshin there?
“‘¿duz it have lakes w/ waves that ripple & fish?
“‘¿cain’t ye sur-vive in it?’
“& just then his gabacho retired professor friend pops
“up too / some sunbird from up near Twin Cities
“his RV plugged in over under yonder mexquite
“reality court television shows talking justice
“& this fast-talkin gabacho / dedicating thirty days
“to defend Amurka like a true [sic->] pitriot
“sacrificing his own time to defend Amurka’s desert
“wasteland border & this one Dr Birote—”

[glyph: yanqui blowhard blofero sportin tweed blazer w/ elbowpatches]

“PhD sez:
“‘this better land ye want is only imaginary Paco Taco / one completely non-existent
“‘imaginary thing / nothing real at all / don’t do it don’t do it, self-deport now’ sez thisun
“‘& self-deport forever for where you come from makes this better non-metaphysical nation
“‘retch so swim on back
“‘less ye want this real-leather Amurkan size 10 straight up yr coolo—’”

[glyph: size ten school-of-the-Amurka’s-issued-red/white/blue combat boot]

er . . . ¿chingao? ¿quien es este güey?
one buki in the back calling the ghost of Cortés / Gregorio Cortés plees plees come
plees . . .

“‘ahem’ in unison kids”

“‘so sorey seniores’ as that cookaratcha crawls
“back to that shitpile he came from . . .
“here / let me hold this illustration high so y’all can see
“real nice what Messico looks like—”

[glyph: brown babies w/ bulging hunger bellies / & shacks walled w/ newspaper]

“tha’s right / that’s where y’all comes from
“¿now where was I? . . . ah—
“‘that’s right’ sez Prof Birote to Uncy Sam
“‘our duty our Amurkan duty
“‘our neverendin battle to secure Amurka’s borders
“‘& to reveal to all the 3rd world Paco Takos those real aspects
“‘of their putrid homelands’ inferiorities relative to Amurkan
“‘wealth / sweetness / goodness / in our kind eyes shining so clear
“‘& how dare ye challenge our national sovereignty
“‘& rule of law/ brownies’”

[glyph: WALLS & DRONES & WALLS & DRONES & still more WALLS & GUNS & WALLS & razorwire & DRONES: soldiers burning piles of codices]

“& our Uncy Sam smugly & w/ outstretched hand
shakes Prof Birote’s extended ringed fingers & sez—
“lissen closely niños—he sez:
“this is abt security OK
“‘well They sey eternal vigilance is the price of liberty . . .
“‘They sey that / & They sey this Amurka’s Being in Time
“‘this Amurkan chronotope’s suffering from invasive
“‘dirty beaners from down on southward luggin northward
“‘babies / they try to anchor to this land spickin backward slangwedge /
“‘& bringin over that plain ol inferior Indian blood . . . brown bastards /
“‘kaysadilla-eatin / greasy-headed / filthy drugsmugglin
“‘mules / got-damn . . . gotdamned freehelayros . . . ’”

[glyph: la Sra Guadalupe w/ five soiled Chueys at her unsandaled feet]

“now lemme ask ye one question kiddies / & be honest
“lemme axe ye : ¿ how can an Amurka of 300,000,000
“absorb 100,000,000 poor / uneducated / Esthpanich
“spickin wets & still be Amurka? answer & axe yr padres
“that & see what they sey / got that smartypants—
“yeah / I’m talking to you in the back there w/ those
“Amurkan subsidized glasses there in the back / yeah TÚ
“mocoso quit cryin . . .”

y los niños: “. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .”

“I argue in my controversial ¿Who Are They? that yr arrival
“in Amurka from 1970-2000 threatens our Amurkan
“core of identitas & culture / bc ye don’t SPIC ENGLISH
“ye spic to yr enclaves of like-spiccin spics
“quit crying / ye don’t wanna assimilate
“ye wanna make babies / ye want me
“to remake my life into some Amurkano Swenyo—

sniff s n i f f / sniff

“¿nuthin to sey? tha’s wha’ I thot / thanky for yr time
“& heart my freedom or get yr ass out”

tips up his hat bids good day . . . necks upbent
receiving cultural banking into their brains ok add that
to social studies . . . & now back to math lessons
yes after social studies . . . & then we can stretch . . .

¿& how ‘bout some applause for our special guest class?

[¿ay no manches?—see Pocho Codex “ms AZ” 1935 / 1951 / 1998 / 2007] [1] ¡O Henry! pues suck this tamale / cabrón / for YOU have greased all of US as one nation w/ yr tamalefear / ¡grasa a tu madre! / & soft Henry’s soul appears suddenly & clears its throat / clinking chains / ahem / ahem / & offers that poetic Amurkan sensibility & that Carolina propriety: “shut yr mouth greaser / spic / taco choker / bean guzzler / wet / peon / spiggoty spic / dirtcaked paylado”
yeah: not bad / good ghost guest & host & zás: gone / always w/ that last word / chingao


Alvarez is also Chastitellez on the Twitter, and his website is legit, too.