Mexicans + Lexington, Kentucky = ‘Mexington’ (photos, audio)

mexingtonheaderSteven Alvarez, POCHO amigo and Assistant Professor (Writing Rhetoric and Digital Media, Latin America Studies, English) at the University of Kentucky, teaches a course called Mexington, about the growing community of Mexican Americans in UKY’s hometown, Lexington.

Here’s a student podcast interview with the Profe (he’s on the Twitter, too) and a few selected photos from the recent field trip he led to Mexington.

Bar luchdores:


Pueblo Unido:


Botas picudas (pointy boots):


Mexican food! Ohmagerd!


And here’s the student podcast:


Profe Tweets:

Lots of Mexington photos on Instagram too #mexingtonky and #mexington

Podcast audio, header image and field trip photos courtesy UKY. This podcast was produced by Casey Hibbard.