Chicana punk icon Alice Bag: ‘I Believe Her, Do You?’ (new music, lyrics)

East Los pocha Alice Bag aka Alicia “Alice” Armendariz (formerly of the The Bags) just released this track in support of Professor Christine Blasey Ford, Ph.D.’s testimony about rapey Judge Brett Kavanaugh.


Mas…Chicana punk icon Alice Bag: ‘I Believe Her, Do You?’ (new music, lyrics)

Before America went crazy, Uncle Sam welcomed immigrants (audio)

Before World War II, the American government cranked up the propaganda machine to WELCOME immigrants with a Sunday afternoon radio program from the INS called I’m An American. Sara Laskow reports for NPR’s All Things Considered.

Here’s the show with immigration posterboy and refugee from the Nazis Albert Einstein:

Mas…Before America went crazy, Uncle Sam welcomed immigrants (audio)

Latino USA: If You Give a Toddler a Tortilla (NPR audio)

She just wants to prepare some home made flour tortillas with her baby girl just like she did with her own mom. What’s the big deal?

NPR’s LatinoUSA explains:

April Salazar longs to make her Grandma Alice’s tortillas with her daughter. It is the same tortilla recipe her grandmother’s mother made in Baja California and later in Tucson, Arizona, after she fled the Mexican Revolution. There’s just one problem: she needs the stars to align… and the cooperation of her two-year-old daughter.

Mas…Latino USA: If You Give a Toddler a Tortilla (NPR audio)

L.A. OGs WAR (the ORIGINAL band): ‘Cinco de Mayo’ (1981 complete)

warcincoThis 1981 single from WAR was the first time many non-Latinos heard of Cinco de Mayo. This photo shows the original guys at the Sunset Grill (7439 Sunset, next to their offices (Far Out Productions) at 7417 Sunset. The Guitar Center swallowed up 7417 a while back.

L-R: Charles Miller (sax, RIP), Lonnie Jordan (keyboards, the only original member in the new so-called WAR), Howard Scott (guitar, Lowrider Band), Harold Brown (drums, Lowrider Band), BB Dickerson (bass, Lowrider Band), Lee Oskar (harmonica, Lowrider Band). Not pictured, Papa Dee (RIP, percussion).

[DISCLOSURE: I was WAR’s National Director of Album Promotion for a while and ate so often at the Sunset Grill (like in the Eagles song) I could run a tab.]

Mas…L.A. OGs WAR (the ORIGINAL band): ‘Cinco de Mayo’ (1981 complete)

Los Cenzontles cover Dylan’s ‘Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man’ (audio)

Raza roots collective Los Cenzontles strip Bob Dylan’s Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man back to the basics (the lyrics) and then build it back up en estilo Latino. That’s Eugene Rodriguez, vocals, Lucina Rodriguez and Fabiola Trujillo, chorus, Emiliano Rodriguez, bass, Carlos Caro, bongo, shaker, guiro, tambourine, and Silvestre Martinez, cajon, congas.


Bruce Langhorne, Bob Dylan’s long-time guitarist, and the inspiration for Mr. Tambourine Man, died recently.

Mas…Los Cenzontles cover Dylan’s ‘Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man’ (audio)

Chinese were the first to cross the Mexican border (video, audio)

The first targets of American border agents were Chinese, not Mexican. When the California Gold Rush ended and the railroad building boom came to a close, it became easy for politicians to exploit anti-Chinese sentiment. The result was an immigration policy that led to the first smuggling operations across the U.S-Mexico border. [Video by Timeline.]


Mas…Chinese were the first to cross the Mexican border (video, audio)

We’ve got your basic 2-hour-long mariachi music video right here

Why, we asked ourselves, would these RelaxMusic people upload scores of allegedly ethnic or national background music videos to YouTube? If people play them as background audio, they will not be looking at — and clicking on — ads, so the uploaders will not make money. Is it a public service? Some kind alternative facts thing? We don’t know. On the other hand, you can enjoy two hours of uncredited, unnamed mariachi (and other Mexican) muzak right here.

Las Cafeteras: ‘If I Was President’ (audio)

East Los musicians Las Cafeteras have long made political progress a signature element of their sound and the band’s new single continues the tradition.

If I Was President — released on Monday, Presidents Day — starts with the son jarocho song Señor Presidente and “then flows into a bilingual hip hop-folk fusion, with lyrics that make you dream, think, come up with alternatives.”

Read more at UNIVISION.

Orange President salutes Black History Month (transcript, audio, toon)

Our historic President knows more about Black History Month than the last President, who was not so historic.

And instead of teaching us in American, the President is going to speak English to you, you know, to class up the history of this carnage-loving people, his African-Americans.

Our speech researchers here at the National Pochismo Institute took Wednesday’s speech transcript and ran it through a text-to-speech thang with a British-accented robo-bloke. And it sounds classy! You’ve never heard classy as bigly as this — all the words — the best words — plus a Ben Carson shoutout — and some bragging, lots of lies, and ignorance in abundance. Not to mention dissing CNN and non sequitors, slang, and muddled thinking. You’re welcome, mate.

Mira el transcript, with notes from POCHO’s Comic Saenz, and audio below:

Mas…Orange President salutes Black History Month (transcript, audio, toon)