Tia Lencha’s Cocina Podcast: Valentime’s Day Aphrodisiac Salsa

Hello pochos y pochas! Guess gwhat? Tia Lencha has a special surprise for ju for Valentimes Day! A new podcast! Yes! Now ju can hear Tia Lencha on the google! (Actually m’ijo says it’s Tia Lencha’s Cocina on iTunes and Spotify podcasts).

Anygways, I haf so mush to tell ju!

Gwhy did I make the podcast? Ju may gwonder. I gwas tire of ladies writing to me saying that I make so mush grammatical mistakes when I talk. I no make grammatical mistakes! They just don know how to read Espanglish.

How did I make the podcast? Ju may gwonder. M’ijo stopped playing video games long enough to put Tia Lencha’s voice on the google. (He say it’s not the google, but ju know what I mean, verdad?).

Who is in the podcast? Ju may gwonder. Is me, and M’ijo’s Daddy (played by actor David Acosta). M’ijo’s Daddy got dump by the Eskeleton Lady and now he hang around Tia Lencha’s house eberyday like one of those flies that get in the house and ju can’t get out.

What is in the podcast? Ju may gwonder. Is a sexy recipe for Valentime’s Day Aphrodisiac Salsa. And oso a sexy dream that I had and the estory of how Tia Lencha was inspire to make the salsa.

Oso gwhat happen when peepo haf the salsa? Ju may gwonder. Listen in and find out!

And on Spotify.