Walk the walk! Here’s how to help those refugee kids

laloontheborderWhat’s way more powerful than all of the ignorance coming out of #MurrietaHateCityUSA? The power of a philanthropic pocho! And better yet, the power of a whole lot of philanthropic pochos and pochas. Watch, that’ll show them!

During these not-so-funny dark times of Mexican and Central American human oppression, even us payasos here at POCHO like to do our part. We want to pay it forward by donating to the compassionate churches and organizations that take in our refugee brothers and sisters and give them water, food and other basic necessities of life!

If you can, we hope you will too. Remember, any little bit — a dollar or new pair of fresh socks even — really helps these kids that have been through so much already. (But we think cash is what most of the places would prefer at this difficult time.) Remember, these are mostly children who need our help!

Here is a list of local and out-of-state verified charity organizations that focus on Mexican and Central American refugee aid. Now if we could just compile a list of bird sanctuary places that could help these “illeagles” that the Tea Party is so worried about…



If you know of any more, please feel free to add their name (and if possible, a link or email) in the comments section below.