Mascot Madness! Brazil’s Mr. Balls, meet India’s Mr. Poo (NSFW video)

ballsandpooThis story is not about the shameful racist pro sports team mascots that purport to honor Native Americans. It’s about icky Senhor Testiculo (photo, above left), the mascot of Brazil’s cancer society, who we think has just been “out-grossed” by Mr. Poo (photo, right), who comes to us from UNICEF in India.

Señor Poo is central to a publicity campaign to urge kids in India to Take the Poo to the Loo (instead of taking a dump somewhere in the open.)

Here’s Mr. Poo’s video. Apparently there is shitload of shit on the subcontinent. [NSFW if someone saying and singing “shit” in a veddy proper Brit-like accent is a no-no where you work. Also we have no idea about those other languages. Boy is there a lot of shit in this video — dancing shit, steaming shit, weird anthropomorphic shit.]:

Mr. Balls is often seen NEAR Mr. Poo,, so always remember, fellas: Front to back. Front to back.