Mozart-playing pasejeros invade Uruguay bus to Punta del Este (video)

I thought it was going to be just another rainy winter day in Uruguay, another juan rides the bus, you know? We’re en route from Montevideo to Punta del Este when these “passengers” pulled out ornate steampunk-looking wooden and metal contraptions they called “instruments.” Then a viejo dressed for an earlier century gets onboard. Something about Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Mozart, they said:

Este fue un concierto primera clase, dirigido por el Maestro Federico García Vigil, un obsequio de COT a sus pasajeros, para celebrar la inauguración de nuestra nueva flota de última generación NEOBUS N10.

But you don’t need to ride the NEOBUS N10 to love Mozart. Here’s the complete First Movement of Mozart’s A Little Night Music with a graphical score video so you can follow along: