Republican ‘Latino outreach’ website confused by non-white kids

Website screen capture shows GOP's outsourced Asian kids, the Republican National Committee’s new Latino outreach website, is apparently a laboratory for developing new ways of screwing up Latino outreach.

Last week RNCLatinos hosted a Spanish-language poll asking “Has President Obama disillusioned you?” (the overwhelming response was “No”) and then they used a stock photo of Asian children at the top of their page.

The RNC blamed the error on outsourced web developers — rumored to be in either Bombay or Honduras — who misread the tags on the photo.

Outreach spokestaco Beltina Inchancla offered up this explanation:

It was an honest mistake. They thought the picture was labeled as featuring “Latino” children, but actually read, “Laotian.”

Also, she said, they believed it showed children from “Thaijuana” and confused “Mandarin” with “Mexican.”

Top campaign officials had no reaction when they saw at the photo of Asian children on a website designed to reach out to Latinos, Inchancla said, “because brown kids all look alike to old Republican white men.”

She also emphasized that Asians can be easily confused with Latinos, as both groups “like to garden, wear funny hats, enjoy rice, and probably won’t be voting Republican ever again.”

In another blunder, the defunct URL for RNCLatinos now points users to a website for an infamous anti-Latino hate group.