@UPDATED: Screw you, Trump! Esta tierra es mia tambien! (video)

Wednesday my son’s second grade class in Lemon Grove, San Diego County, California put on a “Veteran’s Appreciation Show.” When the kids began with This Land is Your Land in Spanish, I was moved beyond words.

The significance of this happening right after we elected a white supremacist to the highest office in the land was not lost on me.

Seeing these children of all colors singing this song in Spanish brought me to tears.

Toma Trump! This land is for everyone!!

[Private chef Mark Lane grew up in Lemon Grove, home town of POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz. They are still “friends” on Facebook.]


Mark Lane posted this on Facebook this morning….

Mas…@UPDATED: Screw you, Trump! Esta tierra es mia tambien! (video)

Um, excuse me…we prefer to be called ‘white folk’ (photo)

crackersbigWe can’t track the original of this photo to give its creator props, so we’ll just heartily thank all Internet-enabled photographers, wherever they are. And whatever they want to be called, tambien. After all, what’s in a name?


Dear Virgin Mary: What should I wear for Halloween? (photos)

astrovirginDear Blessed Virgin Mary:

What should I do for Halloween? Do you have any costume suggestions? I am out of ideas.

Unhappy Hyna in South Carolina

Dear Hyna:

South Carolina? Oh, Dios Mio, you have to get out of there pronto! But until you do, I think I can help you with some Halloween costume ideas. It’s one of my fave holidays — I put on my red pumps and go out and get a little crazy. Virgins just wanna have fun, tu sabes?

And I’ve worn a bunch of different costumes over the years, like this astronaut outfit in the pic. Or see if my other photos offer a look that’s right for you!

Your BV, Mary

Mas…Dear Virgin Mary: What should I wear for Halloween? (photos)

Republican ‘Latino outreach’ website confused by non-white kids

Website screen capture shows GOP's outsourced Asian kids

RNCLatinos.com, the Republican National Committee’s new Latino outreach website, is apparently a laboratory for developing new ways of screwing up Latino outreach.

Last week RNCLatinos hosted a Spanish-language poll asking “Has President Obama disillusioned you?” (the overwhelming response was “No”) and then they used a stock photo of Asian children at the top of their page.

The RNC blamed the error on outsourced web developers — rumored to be in either Bombay or Honduras — who misread the tags on the photo.

Outreach spokestaco Beltina Inchancla offered up this explanation:

It was an honest mistake. They thought the picture was labeled as featuring “Latino” children, but actually read, “Laotian.”

Mas…Republican ‘Latino outreach’ website confused by non-white kids

American Census Shocker! Minority babies invading U.S. from Vagistan

(PNS reporting from WASHINGTON, D.C.) Census figures indicate that minorities make up over half the births of babies in the United States for the first time since the Pilgrims reluctantly started having sex.

These new minority babies will be able to outvote white babies in local and national baby elections, and this has white baby proponents terrified.

White mothers all over the U.S. have been reporting the births of unexplainable brown babies.

“It’s like there a brown horde erupting from inside us,” reported one hysterical white mother, Mrs. while being eyed by her suspicious white husband. Their nearby sexy gardener Julio Ramirez had no comment.

Mas…American Census Shocker! Minority babies invading U.S. from Vagistan