Lasers in the Honduran jungle pinpoint lost White City of Gold

The University of Houston and National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping team produced this 3D digital topological map which when examined shows a man-made plaza ringed in red

They tried to discredit the calendars that clearly show the Mayan Doomsday Apocalypse is set for December. They laughed at the evidence of Ancient Astronauts who worked with indigenous people to build the pyramids of Aztlan. But now their own lasers — lasers controlled by a university named after the man who ripped Tejas away from La Raza — now their lasers have found Ciudad Blanca, the legendary lost “White City” of gold in Honduras. Who is laughing now?

The University of Houston reports:

A field team from the University of Houston and the National Science Foundation (NSF) National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM) has mapped a remote region of Honduras that may contain the legendary lost city of Ciudad Blanca.

The results, recently announced by Honduras President Porfirio Lobo, mark the successful completion of the first light detection and ranging (LiDAR) survey of that country’s Mosquitia region, one of the world’s least-explored virgin rainforests.

An initial analysis of the LiDAR survey has identified ruins that could be those of Ciudad Blanca or other long-hidden sites.

From Britain’s Daily Mail:

According to legend, Ciudad Blanca or the ‘White City’ is full of gold and has been sought out by explorers and treasure hunters since conquistador Hernando Cortes first made reference to it in a 1526 letter to King Charles V of Spain.

In Tucson they tried to keep the children from studying their own history.

In Tejas, idiot politicians try to forget they were part of Mexico.

What are they going to say about Honduras?  

Maybe they’ll confirm Jesus’ mission to Native American Nephites (as depicted in this illustration from the Book of Mormon.)

Look closely: We see a pyramid and a Ciudad Blanca.

Jesus preaching to the Nephites. Note pyramid and 'Ciudad Blanca'