Opinion: We must fight the anti-Mayan Calendar Illuminati 1% (video)

We might not know anything about them, but Anonymous knows almost everything about us, including stuff THE MAN doesn’t want YOU to know.

The modishly-masked online crusaders will soon shock our chakras with the truth about apocalyptic confluences predicted by the Mayan Calendar and aether-entities from outer espace. Predictably, the Mainstream Media New World Order 1% Wall Street Ivy League Illuminati White Elite is fighting back.

The recent Anonymous blipvert above, for example, was followed by UPenn (founded by life on Mars expert and immigrant hater Benjamin Franklin) joining the Illuminati conspiracy to discredit the Mayan Apocalypse Doomsday 2012 scenario.

One group of chronology-challenged eschatologists even claimed that a recently-discovered calendar — which is older than the Doomsday Calendar — somehow makes the newer calendar wrong. Doh! Illogical!

It’s as if the 1943 prediction by IBM President Tom Watson: “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers” somehow invalidates the reality of billions of ‘puters in everyday use.

But there’s no money to be made if people don’t buy your stuff because the end of the world is coming, and that’s why the 99% Rich Bitches continue their effort to discredit the reality of Mayan science.

We hold these truths self-evident:

  • We are not alone, and as a matter of fact, check out that weird-looking dude over there
  • The end is nigh, or it could be a U-turn; outlook hazy, ask later
  • We know it’s only rock and roll, but we like it!

ABOVE ALL, REMEMBER THIS: You have to believe it to see it.
— Junior Wences Ph.D. talks to the hand and heightens the contradictions an adjunct poser in Eschatalogical Chronology at the Universidad Autonoma de Tlaxcalatechingo.