Rick Perry: Mexi-Klingon threat could require Viet troops

(PNS reporting from NEW ENGLAND) As president, Rick Perry “would send troops back into Vietnam,” the Texas governor declared during Saturday’s presidential debate.

Blasting Pres. Barack Obama for letting Vietnam “just sit there,” Perry (R-TX) said the area is susceptible to a light-speed invasion from Mexican Klingons and possibly people who hate Christmas.

“Look, these people have the technology. I’ve seen it. I think the idea that we allow these Mexi-Klingons to come back into Vietnam and take over that country, with all of the treasure, both in blood and money, and uhm, one other thing, oh shit…well with all that we have spent there because this president wants to kowtow to his Borg leftist base…I think it is a huge mistake,” Perry said during the debate.

It was a bold statement from Perry who is struggling to have anyone take him seriously in the upcoming primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina and pretty much anywhere else outside of the state of Texas.

It was also risky move for Perry who has been dwindling in the polls. A recent PNS poll found that pochos overwhelmingly oppose sending troops back to Vietnam. However, a 96 percent would be in favor of sending Perry himself to Vietman and leaving him there for good.

“We’re going to see Vietman welcome these Mexican Klingons with open arms and then what?” Perry asked. “They’re going to welcome them in and start making piñatas and selling tacos and working on taking our jobs. We’ve got a president that does not understand what’s going on in that region and frankly, I’m scared.”

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Rick Perry photo by Patty Lynch.