White lady does not like brown family’s birthday party (video)


Gracie Pinzón de Hernández writes on Facebook:

I thought I would share this with you guys… this woman almost got away with robbing us from the joy of celebrating 4 years of life for our little one. We planned and saved to give him the kind of party we never had. My husband and I thought we would never be parents so birthdays are a big deal. I almost didn’t post this but decided that I needed to.

Mas…White lady does not like brown family’s birthday party (video)

We used to have a man in the White House we could be proud of; Joan Baez explains in ‘The President Sang Amazing Grace’ (video)

At the memorial service in Charleston, S.C. for the victims of a white wing racist terrorist, Barack Obama, the last real President of the United States, joined the congregation of mourners. What he did on that day became a song by Zoe Mulford, performed here by Xicana OG activist Joan Baez and animated in pastel watercolors by Jeff Scher. [EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s OK to cry.]

Video via The Atlantic.

Pocho Ocho worst new names for Hispanic Heritage Month

The pinche Trump administration is stuck with the annual observance of National “Hispanic” Heritage Month 2017, which begins today, but that doesn’t mean they like it. The POCHO news team has learned that the white wing traitors, crooks, and colluders at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ran through a list of alternative names for the observance before being shot down by the only Latina Trump knows — Lisa A Malinche, a low-level staffer.

Here are the Pocho Ocho worst new names for Hispanic Heritage Month:

Mas…Pocho Ocho worst new names for Hispanic Heritage Month

NSFW Video: Jello Biafra and Napalm Death ‘Nazi Trumps F Off!’

Jello Biafra, colorful frontman of legendary punks The Dead Kennedys, joins Napalm Death for a new version of Nazi Punks, F*** Off dedicated to Donald Trump, the alt-white, and their racist supporters. Biafra calls it Nazi Trumps F*** Off. This video is from a 2016 gig at Slim’s in San Francisco.  [MASSIVE F-BOMBARDMENT NSFW.]

[Disclosure: In the early 1990s, I sold my white Pontiac LeMans with the 326 engine and the two-speed automatic to the Dead Kennedy’s road manager. You’re welcome.]