Oaxaca woman finds face of Jesus on homemade tortilla (video)

jesustortillawide“A woman in southern Mexico decided to use a tortilla she had just made for spiritual, rather than physical, food after seeing the face of Jesus Christ looking back at her,” reports the Daily Mail:

Enedina Mendoza and her family make tortillas in the small Oaxacan town of Tlalixtac de Cabrera, and the baker that she [said] normally doesn’t even look at her creations.

However, instead of sending one tortilla off to become a blessed burrito, Mendoza took another glance and recognized the son of God.

Mas…Oaxaca woman finds face of Jesus on homemade tortilla (video)

What’s for breakfast? Breakfast tacos or breakfast burritos?

tacos-villa-corona-breakfast-burrito.0.0Here in Los Angeles, we like breakfast burritos. We like the breakfast burritos so much that breakfast burritos can be enjoyed in Jewish delis, Chinese restaurants, Greek diners, burger stands, sushi joints, lunch trucks, Mexican restaurants, old-school coffee shops and fancy places near the beach.

LA.Eater, for example, just published a list of three dozen breakfast burrito destinations, which includes Mid-City 24/7 Lucy’s Drive-In (Gustavo Arellano’s go-to place for chile relleno burritos), Anthony Bourdain pick Tacos Villa Corona in Atwater Village (photo, above) and ∼$12 burritos at the The Farm in Beverly Hills which are filled with aged cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon.

But breakfast burritos are an anomaly in some parts of Texas, where breakfast tacos are the norm.

Mas…What’s for breakfast? Breakfast tacos or breakfast burritos?