Day of the Dead M-A-C makeup video has TMI but no skull *UPDATED

* UPDATE #4 1:50 PM PST 11-02-2015: What’s wrong with this picture? [Hint: Got diversity? IG photo via @IncludeLatinos.]

* UPDATE #3 1:25 PM PST 11-01-2015: The rebeldes at Latino Rebels snagged the M-A-C video [in case it gets disappeared], embedded it via DropBox, and you can see it here.

* UPDATE #2 5:08 PM PDT 10-29-2015: The video is still on the M-A-C Facebook page — along with many negative comments.  We’re not allowed to embed it, however. No response to our Tweet.


* UPDATE #1 2:12 PM PDT 10-29-2015: Since we published our story overnight, this video has been marked ‘private’ by M-A-C and therefore cannot be viewed. We don’t know if this is a mistake/glitch or something else. We’ve Tweeted M-A-C asking for an explanation.


Marissa Jade Willinsky and M-A-C, the cosmetics company, want to show you how to do your face for Dia de Los Muertos. [UPDATE: THE ORIGINAL LINK TO THE M-A-C SITE HERE ^^^^ USED TO GO TO THE DDLM MAKEUP VIDEO. NOW IT DOESN’T.]

The beautiful Brooklyn native’s makeup tutorial misses the point of the sugar skull look (PRO TIP: Cadaverous skulls don’t wear lipstick), but includes pasted-on somethings around the eyes, which POCHO fan Belen C. B., in a private email, likened to “[pinche] peas in the guacamole.

Of course, everything ends up smashingly, because “product.” And the TMI — Adderall product placement, anyone?!


It’s hard to beat CUPQUAKE’s mysterious and alluring Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull calavera makeup video, which we first ran in 2012.

We still have two questions:

  1. What is she wearing?
  2. And who are those guys in the background?

Mas…Day of the Dead M-A-C makeup video has TMI but no skull *UPDATED

Chipster’s Delight: Calavera fez for you stylin’ vatos (photos, video)

With everybody and her tio dressing up for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, it’s important to stand out from the crowd with a bold fashion-forward statement. For some stylish chipsters, that means a calavera-themed fez.

Lucky for us, that’s exactly what our ‘chuco suave model, Pablo from the Internets, is wearing! Pablo’s embroidered velvet chapeau is a new Fall style from San Diego’s You don’t just wear a fez, pochos. A fez wears you.

Mas…Chipster’s Delight: Calavera fez for you stylin’ vatos (photos, video)