Pocho Ocho most damaging Tweets Trump went back and deleted

quesotrumpchinatweetReports are circulating that Donald Trump and/or his staff have been combing over his Twitter timeline and deleting embarrassing Tweets — remarks he and his campaign no longer want to defend. One Tweet he wishes wasn’t his claimed that China invented climate change to steal American jobs, a Tweet ridiculed Monday night by Hillary Clinton (photo.)

POCHO’s staff has been going over the Twitter archives and grabbed screenshots of some @RealDonaldTrump Tweets that are probably next on the deletion hit list.

Here are the Pocho Ocho Most Damaging:

8. dountoothers

Mas…Pocho Ocho most damaging Tweets Trump went back and deleted

Amazeballs! Golf ball-sized hail pounds border town Juarez (video)

“First time I see something like this in my town,” LiveLeak member MoparFreak writes.

“Broke a lot of windshields and caused damage to houses and businesses; only happened in a part of the city. It’s not a regular event. A lot of people panicked about this. First upload. I recorded this myself at work. Had mi car inside the shop I was lucky. For those who don’t know Juarez is on the Mexico border with El Paso, TX.”