What is it? Multicolored UFO/OVNI buzzes beach in Chile (video)

la_serena_ufo_2 A colorful OVNI/UFO buzzed the beachfront promenade in the northern Chilean city of La Serena and was recorded by a group of young people late last month.

OpenMindsTV reports:

The video was recorded at the La Serena beachfront promenade La Avenida del Mar, a location popular with tourists. As Chilean news site El Observatodo describes, the UFO video shows a small yellow light moving in the sky at different speeds and quickly changing altitude. And, according to UFO Digest, one of the witnesses can be heard in the video stating that the UFO lands in an empty lot on the beach before ascending again.

Mas…What is it? Multicolored UFO/OVNI buzzes beach in Chile (video)

Warning! Aliens will put your human baby in the microwave (video)

Really, you want to do the right thing. Love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, if it’s yellow let it mellow.

Enticing noises. Hypnotic lights.

All your life you’ve been thinking about the Mothership and the Space Brothers and ZOMG here they are in your backyard! What do you do? You do the Christian thing and invite them in for cuppa tea, of course. And what the frack do the aliens do? Hint: It involves babies and microwaves. (Based on a true story. Simulated gore may sicken people who are sickened by that kind of stuff.)