Potty protestors crazier than Michele Bachmann on bath salts (video)

Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder is sortly over hearin’ people carry on about their personal beliefs as it relates to civil rights [NSFW language]:

Nobody’s trying to take your rights. We’re just trying to keep you from doing that to other people. I know you’re a white person in America, so I can see why you’d think this, but telling other people how to live is not a right you have.

You can catch Crowder on tour with the Well Red Comedy crew. Here’s the schedule.

Pocho Ocho fascinating hidden powers of Latino food!

Previously on POCHO:

But is that the end of the fascinating food factorama? No guey! Check out these eight other hidden powers of Comida Latina:

8. You can use beans to power a moped
7. Vegetarianism is a gateway to loose American values
6. Eating a boiled duck egg fetus cures impotence
5. You can help end world hunger by eating more, mijo

Mas…Pocho Ocho fascinating hidden powers of Latino food!