Pocho Ocho fascinating hidden powers of Latino food!

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But is that the end of the fascinating food factorama? No guey! Check out these eight other hidden powers of Comida Latina:

8. You can use beans to power a moped
7. Vegetarianism is a gateway to loose American values
6. Eating a boiled duck egg fetus cures impotence
5. You can help end world hunger by eating more, mijo
4. Diabetes is God’s way of punishing you for being racist
3. Food taste better if prepared while wearing a mu-mu
2. America-grown chicken makes you gay

And the numero uno fascinating hidden power of Latino food is

Peruvian corn has magic Inca powers Monsanto must never possess, or else… doomsday.

Menuboard photo by Giovanni Solis.

//Additional factoids:

  • Eating seeds makes you fertile.
  • Throwing bread in the trash will ensure poverty (flush it down the toilet instead).
  • Drinking and driving is always wrong, unless it’s your Uncle Fernando doing it.
  • Feed a cold, feed a fever, heck– feed anyone at all times.
  • The best cure for a spicy mouth is tequila.
  • Whiskey makes a great workout drink (on the rocks, of course).