Connecticut becomes 17th state to OK ‘Medical Menudo’

The beef-stomach soup is 'la cura' for hangovers

(PNS reporting from the NUTMEG STATE) Connecticut became the 17th state to approve Medical Menudo yesterday when the state’s Senate gave overwhelming approval to a bill passed earlier by the Assembly.

“This is a new dawn for all Connecticutitians,” Sen. Juan Gopher (D-Bridgeport) told supporters. “The days of twitching, throbbing and sobbing alcohol victims waiting on sketchy corners for their menudo are over.”

The legislation, which awaits the expected approval of Gov. Nancy Wyman, allows non-profit collectives to dispense Medical Menudo (MM) to patients with a mariachi’s recommendation.

Prospective MM patient Rocio Balboa appeared excited by the news. “Gaaaaaaaah! My head. Ooook. It’s so bright. And stop shouting!” she told PNS.

But the policy does not enjoy universal support.

In California, where MM is already legally available, dispensaries like Mario's Medical Menudo in Rancho Pocho offer a daily menu of menudo meds professionally compounded for specific conditions

Critics decried the vote, citing the negative health effects of MM, including problematic sweating, high cholesterol and chronic potbelly.

Jennifer Loesch of New Haven doesn’t approve of the law. Even though she doesn’t eat Medical Menudo, she complained, she’s still exposed to the second-hand side effects, such as the smell which emanates from wherever it’s being prepared and consumed.

“It’s not fair that I have to inhale Medical Menudo when I don’t even use it,” she told PNS. “If you want to do that in your own home, that’s fine, but I don’t need to see it, smell it, or know that my child’s teacher is tripping on it.”

William Bob, Grand Dragon of the New Haven Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, had nothing but negative things to say about MM:

We don’t like Manuredo up here. Hate that goddam band. Shoulda deported ’em with them other fellers, whatchamacallit, Santaner.

Conservative Latino think tank NOTOKES considers medical menudo a “gateway” dish.  They fear that sanctioned use will lead to widespread addiction to other, more dangerous foods, such as mole and posole.

Menudo photo by Uriangatense. Mario’s Medical Menudo photo courtesy Junior Wences, O.D.

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