Pocho Ocho reasons Mexican food is good for you

MR. POCHO recently appeared on a flour tortilla in Boyle Heights

8. Beans, beans the magical fruit

7. The tortilla is the perfect shape and size for religious apparitions and spiritual experiences

6. Manteca — it’s the new kombucha

5. Pronouncing “chipotle” deemed World’s Best Tongue Exercise by Women’s Love Commission

4. Mole Negro brings chocolatl the Food of the Gods to ordinary people without traditional hassles like human sacrifice

3. Avocados are mayo without the cholesterol

2. Pico de Gallo — it’s a veg dish named after meat — the best of both worlds

And the numero uno reason Mexican food is good for you is…

What do you think menudo is — chopped liver?


Tortilla apparition photograph by Mack Reed.