NorCal school hires private dick, expels 7-year-old Latina *UPDATED


* UPDATE: School officials in Orinda have reversed their decision, according to the ContraCosta Times.  


In the true spirit of the season, the Orinda, California School Board has gone after the most egregious criminal in their school.

How did the Northern California district know this 7-year-old chica (screen cap from Merky News) was a law breaker? Well, they probably just suspected it at first, since she was one of a few brown-skinned Latina children in the overwhelmingly white elementary school. Then they hired a private investigator.

Profiles in courage!

Yes, this vicious scofflaw had the nerve to attend school with her second grade friends in the same neighborhood she lives in nearly all of the week, as the daughter of a local live-in nanny.

Mas…NorCal school hires private dick, expels 7-year-old Latina *UPDATED

From Venuezuela: Труп чупакабры в Венесуэле (chupacabra video)

Hey! I took Russki in college. Труп чупакабры в Венесуэле means “corpse of a chupacabra [found] in Venezuela.”

Poor Venezuela. Ever since Commandante Hugo Chavez died, his chosen successor Nicolas Maduro has had to cope with a series of Yanqui plots that are screwing up the economy in his socialist paradise.

First came the toilet paper shortage which Maduro blamed on imperialist sabotage, although he later tried to paint it as an example of his economic successes, claiming Venezuelan shit production had reached record levels, thereby outstripping the papel hygenico supply.

Mas…From Venuezuela: Труп чупакабры в Венесуэле (chupacabra video)