Lay’s Potato Chips: Now with more racism! (1966 video)

Actor Bert Lahr — the Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz — plays both Christopher Columbus and a stereotyped Native American in this 1966 commercial for Lay’s Potato Chips. At least the Frito-Lay company recognized that taters are “local vegetation” before calling their hosts “Indian Givers.”

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Breaking: Actor Jesse Borrego to unveil new salsa

chingasalsa(PNS reporting from TAMPA) Chicano actor Jesse Borrego, famous for Blood In, Blood Out, is set to unveil a new salsa that he says will “light a fire under your ass!”

The salsa, named “Chinga Tu Madre!” will be sold in cans only and is slated for release this September by the Rick Bayless Division of Frito Lay.

Borrego invited PNS to sample some of the salsa Tuesday at what he calls his “private office.”

Mas…Breaking: Actor Jesse Borrego to unveil new salsa