In ‘Welcome to America’, undocumented Yeni González crosses the country to be reunited with her kids stolen by La Migra (video)

Yeni González is one of the mothers who suddenly found herself thousands of miles away from her children this spring, after the alt-white regime’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy went into effect. This TIME Red Border Film documentary shows how grassroots activists banded together to transport González from a detention center in Eloy, AZ, to New York City, where her children were placed at a social service agency after the undocumented family crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and was apprehended by the Border Patrol in May.

Downloadable hi-res CRUSH ICE CARTOON POSTER by Lalo Alcaraz

We are in the midst of national crisis – our children and relatives are being harassed and detained by the rogue U.S agency known as ICE, i.e. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Families are being separated by ICE and by the U.S. Border Patrol, all enabled by fake President Trump and his white nationalist ghouls.

We must end this, and apply pressure to this racist administration now!

I drew this editorial cartoon and then amplified it with the caption CRUSH ICE. Please print out this for posters, t-shirts (for personal use only), blow it up for big posters, and anything else that will get this point across at a rally or at your home or workplace.

Please do not alter it, or steal my image and sell it for profit. You do NOT have my permission for that.

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ICE IS KIDNAPPING OUR KIDS: Download Hi-Res Rally Poster Here

Our nation has reached a very dangerous turning point.

Migrant children are literally being ripped from the arms of mothers, and the cruel American government claims it is the immigrant’s fault for seeking asylum, or a better life in the U.S.A.

You can protest this sick policy pushed by the Trump regime by printing out a high-resolution poster version of my cartoon for use at rallies, protests and display at your home or place of business [LINK BELOW.]

Mas…ICE IS KIDNAPPING OUR KIDS: Download Hi-Res Rally Poster Here