It’s A Mexican Hat Dance, But It’s Metal: Del Castillo Shreds ‘El Sombrero’

According to Tejas rock veteranos Del Castillo, all a guy needs, really, is his boots, his guitar, and his sombrero. And if his lady leaves, well, he’s still got his boots, his guitar, and his hat.

Brothers Mark and Rick Del Castillo are hard rockin’ up front, and those are our amigas Mariachi Las Coronelas you see in the background.

Check out the band at Annafest (Anna, TX) this Saturday, October 7.

And the winner is … METALACHI and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (music video)

Our favorite heavy metal mariachi band — Metalachi — serves up a spectacular video for their version of Bohemian Rhapsody, featuring special guest star Felipe Esparza. Their third album — inexplicably called Tres — is available now.


Mas…And the winner is … METALACHI and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (music video)

Manitoba MexiMetal: The Mariachi Ghost’s “Susana” (video)

Electric guitar? ✔︎ Vihuela acoustic guitar? ✔︎ Guitarron? ✔︎ Trumpet? ✔︎ Soaring harmonies? ✔︎ Grunge synthesizer? ✔︎ Neo-charro outfits? ✔︎ Dia de los Muertos makeup? ✔︎ Hypnotic masked dancer in a red bandanna? ✔︎

Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the home of The Mariachi Ghost, the world’s best Mexi-Canadian progressive metal band. This live performance of Susana shows why. We don’t always feature 7-minute-long music videos, but when we do, they’re MexiMetal. 🙂


Mas…Manitoba MexiMetal: The Mariachi Ghost’s “Susana” (video)

Los Mariachi: A song for ‘Señorita’ (#TBT music video)

losmariachisenoritaThis relatively unknown 2011 (or 2013?) video from Mexican rockers Los Mariachi just re-appeared on Vimeo with much better video and audio than the YouTube original and we’re glad it did. Señorita features the band’s awesome sweet Mexican metal – they got the action, they got the motion, yeah, the boys can play! That’s Ian Alvarez on soulful vocals, Carlos Casquejo shredding on the guitar, Ruben Balagot pumping it out on bass, Eddie Perez playing lyrical keyboards, and JamJam Emmanuel hitting hard on drums. Firme rock!

Mas…Los Mariachi: A song for ‘Señorita’ (#TBT music video)

Haters gonna hate! You Only Live Once: ‘Do Or Die’ (music video)

POCHO ALERT: Some of THOSE PEOPLE are hatin’ on Mexicore!

From heavy metal music site

Yes, There Is A Mexicore Band Called YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE #YOLO (And The Singer Auditioned For AMERICAN IDOL) Just when I was getting really excited that a shitstain the likes of Attack Attack! broke up, Los Angeles’ You Only Live Once had to shit over my parade. MetalSucks by way of StuffYouWillHate alerted me to this atrocity and they mix pop-punk melodies with growl vocals. WHYYY?! JUST PICK ONE! I realize this assertion makes me sound old, and not “with it” but sometimes I feel it’s best to leave certain styles separate. I mean listen to this:

Mas…Haters gonna hate! You Only Live Once: ‘Do Or Die’ (music video)

Drug cartel shoot-out recycling means big business for one border town

The Model Six plays the 'Steve Jobs chord'

(PNS reporting from BAJA NALGAS) The narcotraficante shoot-outs in this border town typically take 30 or 40 seconds. A discerning listener might notice — amid the screams, the pop-pop-pop of semiautomatic pistol fire and the distinctive rat-a-tat-tat of submachineguns — the jingle-jangle-jingle of spent brass cartridges hitting the street.

When the smoke clears, survivors, if any, are taken to the hospital and the dead are carted to the morgue. A city crew hoses off the blood and the police let traffic through.

And then the kids come — a pack of boys, tween scavengers. They methodically retrieve the brass shells left on the street and take them back to Guinchimes del Sud, a local manufacturer of wind chimes, where the spent 9mm pistol and AK-47 submachinegun ammunition “brass” is recycled into musical metal sculptures that get shipped to breeze buffs in America.

But as demand for wind chimes on the U.S. side of the Rio Culero improves, Guinchimes’ path to future success is blowing in the wind.

Mas…Drug cartel shoot-out recycling means big business for one border town

Is guitarist and singer Omar Torrez the Latino Jimi Hendrix?

Omar Torrez sure can play! That’s why he toured with Tom Waits and played with others like the Buena Vista Social Club and Jethro Tull. The Los Angeles Times wrote: “Dare we dub him the Latin Hendrix?! The fastest fingers in the West, a massive talent poised to break out and kiss the sky.”

Omar Torrez describes his music as “equal parts rock, Latin, delta blues, atonal classical, and performance art.” His heritage is as diverse as his music, ranging from Spanish and Basque (via Mexico) to Norwegian, Native American and Russian roots.

We especially like his new release — a happy-go-lucky smile of a tune called Marina (play this loud!) which will have you chair-dancing in no time at all. Srsly.