POCHOS! IN! SPACE! ‘All My Friends Love the Low Vader’ y mas

La CucarachaA long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz brought Star Wars into the La Cucaracha universe. And The Force was with him, and with you.

lightsaber[Artist unknown. Via the Internets.]

La Cumbia de Patricio Cobarde marches the hell out of the Imperial March, aka La Cumbia Imperial, from Star Wars. These are not los droids you’re looking for.

Guitarist Moro Smylodon, from Argentina, does the Imperial March heavy metal style.

hanzapatacHan Zapata by Alex Garcia de Aztlan. Follow him on IG!

La CucarachaLa Cucaracha presents Estar Wars Night, with bonus Bordertown Easter Egg.

We all know Star Wars ripped off of Latino culture. Accept it! Chuy Baca? Juan Solo? Luke is a farm worker who drives a lowrider and wants to join the military?

Well, here’s the final proof submitted for your approval: Galaxy de Pasion.  Bet Juan Solo has no problem making the Kessel Run in the back seat of this Galaxy!

darthpastor[DARTH PASTOR. Artist unknown. Via the Internets.]

This is the video you’ve been looking for. BAKTUN 12 writes:

It is a period of barrio civil war. Darth Hater, owner of El Chingon Body Shop, and his associates — Jar Jar Blinks, Baboso Feo, and Chavala Punk — have every loco, loca, and loquito living in fear of the mal ojo and the mal lube job.

Raza living on both ends of Galaxia Boulevard, from east to west are all aguitado. Things are so hot, a homeboy can’t roll down a calle without getting mad dogged by every watching eye. They take out their frustrations on each other.

Meanwhile, Luke Starewalker, is at the mercy of his sister Princess Bella. Luke works at El Mas Chingon Body Shop and defends it from bitch-ass hater licensiados y oficiales. Starewalker has visions of OG Homie Juan Kanobi that teach him the ways of the Deadeye Knight, a fuerza that shakes of hater’s mean mugs.

On Galactica Avenue, Hans Cholo is vulnerable without wheels. Chuey Vaca is somewhere in the barrio driving around aimlessly.

Down the block, the E-Walks are on patamobile because they haven’t made their first payment to El Mas Chingon Body Shop for a set of 24’s.

Va tronar el pedo….

Thus began the Stare Wars.

Video by Baktun 12. Directed by Marc David Pinate. Produced by Marcos Cabrera & Haldun Morgan. Edited by Haldun Morgan. Written by Baktun 12.

chueyChuey is by POCHO amigo Junco Canché.


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