This music vid goes out to all the Buenos Aires ‘Cuidacoches’

Argentina’s Dante Zaballa made this music video for his primo Tall Juan who was born in Argentina but now lives in Queens. CONTEXT: In Buenos Aires, semi-organized squads of cuidacoches — guys who ask for “tips” to “watch your car” — are a way of surviving on the street for some, and an extortion racket in the eyes of others.

Flashy and bouncy hand-painted stop-motion animation, a short and sweet tune, and a pop and punk performance make for a hella music video. Tall Juan is on Facebook.

Pocho Ocho signs you grew up in a Mexican family/household

popowarriorHere is a listicle partially inspired by a mas longer listicle on BuzzFeed, because they are the listicle professionals, tu sabes.

¡Mira! The Pocho Ocho signs you grew up in a Mexican household/family:

8. Virgen de Guadalupe veladoras.

7. Your first introduction to dramatic acting was a telenovela.

6. You always wondered why gringos celebrated Cinco de Mayo more than your family.

5. You can recognize the Aztec princess Iztaccihuatl AND the warrior Popocateptl (photo) on sight.

Mas…Pocho Ocho signs you grew up in a Mexican family/household

Argentine band Poncho explores Mother Earth in ‘Tiki Tiki’ (video)

“We set out on an adventure on foot together with a young man to find out more about the native flora and fauna of different Latin-American landscapes,” Argentinian band Poncho writes. “On the way, this young man discovers new plants and animals and becomes one with them, and meets a sexy Mother Earth goddess (Pachamama) with whom he falls in love.”

And from the other side of the moon, comes Chilean actress and singer Celine Raymond:

Mas…Argentine band Poncho explores Mother Earth in ‘Tiki Tiki’ (video)

The Pinker Tones want to live a ‘Life in Stereo’ (music video)

Castellano band The Pinker Tones love Life in Stereo and are determined to follow their dreams despite the unfortunate kidnapping of one member by blue winged flying saucer people in diapers (could also be purple — hard to tell)  who is then transported to the Land of Mono. After a completing a successful rescue mission in a red rocket ship, the group said their new CD will indeed come out on schedule today — in the Land of Stereo.

WAR ‘(All My Friends Know the) Low Rider’ plus ‘Cisco Kid’

TGIF Music Video Double Play: Groove on out the office with WAR’s Low Rider and Cisco Kid. How a band made up of six African-Americans and a Jew from Denmark turned into one of Latinos’ favorite groups is a long story, but the songs WAR wrote at 7417 Sunset Blvd. were definitely happenin’ in the hood. All but one of WAR’s surviving original members now perform as the Lowrider Band.

Mas…WAR ‘(All My Friends Know the) Low Rider’ plus ‘Cisco Kid’