Pocho Ocho signs you grew up in a Mexican family/household

popowarriorHere is a listicle partially inspired by a mas longer listicle on BuzzFeed, because they are the listicle professionals, tu sabes.

¡Mira! The Pocho Ocho signs you grew up in a Mexican household/family:

8. Virgen de Guadalupe veladoras.

7. Your first introduction to dramatic acting was a telenovela.

6. You always wondered why gringos celebrated Cinco de Mayo more than your family.

5. You can recognize the Aztec princess Iztaccihuatl AND the warrior Popocateptl (photo) on sight.

4. You like El Santo more than Hulk Hogan.

3. You grew up with the threat of La Chancla.

2. Chente!

And the numero uno sign you grew up in a Mexican household is…

Your family ate at food trucks before they were cool.

Popo illo via Wikimedia Commons.