I’m not changing my name to give White people diversity cred

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTHI am a mixed-race person. My father’s indigenous ancestors are from multiple tribes of present-day Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Northern Mexico, and throughout the Americas. They’ve been on this land for over ten thousand years. My other ancestors through him hail from Mexico, West Africa, and Spain.

I was raised to believe I am White. My mom is White, of Scottish, Swedish, and French descent, and the man who raised me is a tall blonde man of Dutch-Polish descent. That’s where I get my last name – Vande Panne. It is Dutch in origin, most likely from the village of De Panne on the present-day Belgian coast.

Mas…I’m not changing my name to give White people diversity cred

Las Cafeteras: ‘If I Was President’ (audio)

East Los musicians Las Cafeteras have long made political progress a signature element of their sound and the band’s new single continues the tradition.

If I Was President — released on Monday, Presidents Day — starts with the son jarocho song Señor Presidente and “then flows into a bilingual hip hop-folk fusion, with lyrics that make you dream, think, come up with alternatives.”

Read more at UNIVISION.

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chanclastreeDear 2016:

Don’t let the door hit you on the nalgas on the way out, you horrible year, you. Buh bye. Scram. Get lost. A la chingada!

Every juan here at POCHO tried her hardest in 2016. We were the online world’s premier Mexclusive supplier of

What what did we get? Pinche President-elect Trump.

And now the struggle moves to a new stage.

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Los Pochodores


Manitoba MexiMetal: The Mariachi Ghost’s “Susana” (video)

Electric guitar? ✔︎ Vihuela acoustic guitar? ✔︎ Guitarron? ✔︎ Trumpet? ✔︎ Soaring harmonies? ✔︎ Grunge synthesizer? ✔︎ Neo-charro outfits? ✔︎ Dia de los Muertos makeup? ✔︎ Hypnotic masked dancer in a red bandanna? ✔︎

Winnipeg, Manitoba, is the home of The Mariachi Ghost, the world’s best Mexi-Canadian progressive metal band. This live performance of Susana shows why. We don’t always feature 7-minute-long music videos, but when we do, they’re MexiMetal. 🙂


Mas…Manitoba MexiMetal: The Mariachi Ghost’s “Susana” (video)