Pocho Ocho Top Signs Your Mexican Restaurant Is Too Authentic

From Topeka to Tallahassee, Denver to Danvers, America suffers the scourge of inauthentic Mexican food.

Twitter has outed the worst offenders, sure, but equally troubling is the oft-neglected emergence of Mexican restaurants that are TOO authentic.

How will you know when you’ve entered the danger zone? You’re about to find out.

Here are the Pocho Ocho top signs your Mexican restaurant is too pinche authentic:

8. There’s a drunk man standing outside the restroom charging you for toilet paper.

7. The horchata is room temperature.

6. They don’t have change for your $20.

Mas…Pocho Ocho Top Signs Your Mexican Restaurant Is Too Authentic

Grinding corn for tortillas in Mexington and the American Dream (video)

In the growing Latino community of Lexington, Kentucky (aka Mexington), immigrant Laura Patricia Ramirez and her family suspected the new “Spanish” influx into town might mean they could earn a living providing comida Mexicana to the neighbors. First they imported fresh tortillas from Chicago, and then started making their own. Now they own a tortilla/taqueria even the gabachos love — they come for the asada and stay for the lengua. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Ramirez has the first Southern drawl-spiced Mexican accent we’ve ever encountered. God Bless THIS America, land that we love.]

Thanks to our amigo Profe Steven Alvarez for the link.

Portsmouth, Hampshire, England gets a burrito bar (video)

burritoblokesOn the island city of Portsmouth, in Hampshire, on the southern coast of England, some hard-to-understand blokes are bent on world domination. Will their Al’Burrito restaurant be the vanguard of a Mexican food revolution in the United Kingdom? Even though they apparently discovered Mexican food in Australia, they say they import ingredients from Mexico. Are you in Portsmouth? Have you ever been?

Mas…Portsmouth, Hampshire, England gets a burrito bar (video)

Authentic tacos in Seoul, South Korea – and Nutella nachos (video)

Sweet and Tasty TV’s Professor Oh checks out the Mexican food at Vatos Urban Tacos in Seoul, South Korea. It’s puro L.A. fusion style – Korean kalbi beef tacos a la Kogi, pork carnitas and Baja-style fish tacos. Fresh guacamole and cool Coronas, too. Not to mention Nutella nachos.


Mas…Authentic tacos in Seoul, South Korea – and Nutella nachos (video)