Visiting Belgrade, Serbia? Mexico is so close! In Burrito! (photos)

burrito12vPictures speak a thousand (very orange) palabras, and when it comes to words, we can’t do any better than the self-penned description of Burrito, a Mexican restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia, in the former Yugoslavia, right by the Nikolai Tesla Museum (see map below):

belgrademapBurrito, is the first mexican restaurant in Belgrade and offers various meat meals, fresh salads and unusual spices and sauces. Everybody will fall in love with them on the first bite. Those who prefer hot and spicy serbian kitchen soon find pleasure in our specialties, but we have something for those who choose light meals, full of vitamins. Our staff is there for you to suggest something if you can not decide. With traditional food, we offer a traditional drink, Margarita or maybe Tequila.

On our menu, you have the choice between classical, popular, Mexican dishes made ​ with meat or beans, Tacos of Burritos. Both enriched with seasonal salad and served in a tortilla. Meals served hot spices free, but if you are (like a real Mexican) a fan of these flavors you will be satisfied, sauces have different levels of spiciness, thanks to the special peppers imported specially for you.

The restaurant is in downtown Belgrade, in the atrium under the Postal Savings Bank, but it is still protected from the noise and crowds. And its ambience reminds of the Mexican bistros, filled with colorful decorations, such as a poncho hat and decorative ears of corn and strings of peppers. In our restaurant, it is not a point to admire the interior, but tastes of South America.

Mexico is so close! In Burrito!





Learn more and see more food pix at Burritos’ English-language website

Thanks to BurritoJustice for the link!