Worst taco recipe ever has thyme, mustard, sugar, and pickles (video)

In Lyon, France, the folks at Bnin claim to make tacos with mustard, ketchup, thyme, sugar, mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers, “pomme frites” and “sandwich cheese” then wrap them up in flour tortillas like a burrito and toast them in a panini press. Unclear on the concept, don’t you think?

Their ingredients:

Tia Lencha’s Cocina: Mijo’s Manly Breakfast Burrito

The other day mijo say he gwanted a burrito for breakfast.

“OK,” I say, and I start to look for my refry beans.

“No,” mijo say. That is the burrito you make me gwhen I was little.”

“Ju don’t like it?” I say.

“I gwant somesing more like for a man.”

“A man?”

“Ju know, a man that goes to gwork and he has a burrito wrapped in aluminio.” (That’s aluminum foil for ju pochos).

Mas…Tia Lencha’s Cocina: Mijo’s Manly Breakfast Burrito

Keep your burrito safe and warm with a Burrito Buddy™ (infomerical)

Skip the drama of dining disasters with the new Outdoor Research Burrito Buddy™, featuring the patented Burrito Heat-O Technology for both infinitely hot Mexican goodness and fingertip burn prevention.

The Burrito Buddy’s sturdy, carnage-proof construction prevents lunchtime leakage or breakage, and a convenient food fastener plays it safe with a zippered closure. Plus, the Burrito Buddy™ is enveloped by a gentle swaddling design that protects your meal with some good old-fashioned TLC. Save your sweat for the salsa – your burrito is in good hands.

Google tests drone delivery of burritos at Virginia Tech (video)

googleburritodropThe future arrived in Blacksburg, Virginia, Monday as Google tested its small-package drone delivery system, lowering Chipotle Mexican Grill burritos in boxes to clipboard-carrying engineers on the Virginia Tech campus.

The #GoogleDronesOnEveryCorner test flight program appeared successful, making ten uneventful drops.

The Roanoke Times reports:

Mas…Google tests drone delivery of burritos at Virginia Tech (video)