Captain Elotes: Representation and the Barrio Heroes

I just was a panelist at San Diego Comic Con, where Chicano artists like me discussed our role in art and comics.

We talked about the importance of Chicana and Chicano characters in media, and how it represents us as a community.

Representation is a key aspect in our work, and after watching the video where bearded villain Carlos Hakas is harassing street vendor Benjamin Ramirez, I was reminded of the value of not only representation of our bodies, but representation of our stories.

Mas…Captain Elotes: Representation and the Barrio Heroes

Here I am, POCHO Jefe-in-Chief @LaloAlcaraz, at #SDCC 2016


San Diego International ComicCon starts tonight, but tomorrow is the Historic! First! Ever! Chicano Comic Art panel at ‪#‎SDCC‬! Join us! Also, ChicanoCon is in effect Saturday at BorderX Brewery in Logan Heights. See you there!


Chicano Comic and Public Art in San Diego, Thursday, 7/21/16, 6-7PM, Room: 25ABCA Panel discussion on San Diego’s vibrant popular arts scene in Barrio Logan, SDSU and UCSD. Discussions on Chicano comics and strips, public murals, Chicano superheros, magic and mythology. Moderated by Peruvian muralist and Chicano Park curator Mario Torrero, with me, Lalo Alcaraz, Border X gallery owner David BorderX and POCHO’s Chicano Punk Rock Artesano Junco Canché.

Mas…Here I am, POCHO Jefe-in-Chief @LaloAlcaraz, at #SDCC 2016

Release the hounds? What, me worry? I’m @ #SDCC (photos)

whatmeworry releasethehounds2

I’m back in my hometown — however briefly — for the San Diego Comic-Con, SDCC, where I had a chance to talk with and take photos with two of my heroes, Montgomery Burns and Alfred E. Neuman.

Alcaraz. Lalo Alcaraz. I’ve got a license to toon:


Photographers here are always happy to snap pix of hot chicas in super hero garb. Click on the gigantor image to enlarge:

Mas…Release the hounds? What, me worry? I’m @ #SDCC (photos)

My photos from Comic-Con 2012 San Diego (and some extras)

Can you spot the drunken alien?

I made my regular trek to San Diego this past weekend for the Comic-Con orgy of cosplay and mass-media promotion and I’ve got the pics to prove it.

I had signings, slideshows, spoke at an inner-city “Counter Con” to promote the comic arts to kids and grabbed super chingon Simpsons creator Matt Groening and begged him draw a sketch at MY signing. (Sorry, Matt.) I also chased nerdos y nerdas in their Latino-inspired costumes and snapped photos of them.

I undertake this trying mission to document parts of the ultra-crowded convention so that you don’t have to go and get constantly elbowed in the knees by ewoks. Or have to hear fundamentalist Christian preachers warning throngs of people dressed as aliens that they are “going to burn in hell.”

Live long and prosper, and enjoy the show!

Peep the photo gallery here:

Mas…My photos from Comic-Con 2012 San Diego (and some extras)