Release the hounds? What, me worry? I’m @ #SDCC (photos)

whatmeworry releasethehounds2

I’m back in my hometown — however briefly — for the San Diego Comic-Con, SDCC, where I had a chance to talk with and take photos with two of my heroes, Montgomery Burns and Alfred E. Neuman.

Alcaraz. Lalo Alcaraz. I’ve got a license to toon:


Photographers here are always happy to snap pix of hot chicas in super hero garb. Click on the gigantor image to enlarge:


Dear Mr. Pinche Classic Wolverine: My hair is fine, thank you very much.


I’ve been signing at the GoComics booth, the brave distributor of La Cucaracha.


Young La Cucaracha fans like these guys give me hope for the future.


Soy photobomb.