Pocho Ocho coolest addresses at new ‘.SOY’ Top Level Domain

iamsoy640Hey you Latinos – do you know your place in cyberspace?

Forget .COM, .ORG, and .NET and move on up to the new .SOY Top Level Domain, “the place for Latinos online,” brought to you by domain registrar Google, Inc. (screencap above).

What? The Goog explains:

.SOY is the domain name for Latino identity and expression on the web. .SOY can be anything you want it to be. It’s your place on the web for your voice, your business, or your bold new idea. Claim your name and join the .SOY community today.

You didn’t sign up yet? You better hurry because cool names in this Internet ghetto are going fast. We think these are the Pocho Ocho Coolest .SOY internet domains, but they already could be claimed, so click and learn:




Mas…Pocho Ocho coolest addresses at new ‘.SOY’ Top Level Domain

Ñewsweek: Epic movie, cafe con chile, chi-chis, tats, soy and Vagistan

“Reality, shmeality,” says Hollywood as it plans an epic film on Mexican-American history without any, you know, Chicanos:  JLo stars as the Virgen de Guadalupe, Lou Diamond Phillips is Che Guevara and Elton John is cast as Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

And there’s trouble in Brand Land as Starbucks plans to test-market chile- and nopal-flavored drinks in East Los and agrichem conglomerate Monsanto‘s proposed soy chicharrones meet pushback from pro-pork protestors.

More minority babies where born in the U.S. last year than white babies and the invasion of little pishers from Vagistan has the usual suspects all riled up. Speaking of babies, columnist Maria Purisma‘s sad sex life sent her to Victoria’s Secret, and homeboy Chuy of the Hey Vato! crew wondered if new tats would make his new girlfriend more forthcoming.

The week’s big ñews links from POCHO  are just a click away:

Mas…Ñewsweek: Epic movie, cafe con chile, chi-chis, tats, soy and Vagistan

Protestors target Monsanto’s plans for soy ‘chicharrones’ (updated)

(PNS reporting from MISSOURI) Busloads of pro-pig activists from Texas converged on Monsanto’s St. Louis headquarters here today to protest the chemical/agricultural mega-corporation’s plans to produce extruded soy flaps meant to replace natural chicharrones.

Bearing signs that read “NO PORK NO PEACE,” “WE WANT LARD FOR OUR MONEY” and “SAY NO TO SOY CHICHARRONES,” the so-called Occupy Monsanto movement plans to shut down traffic around the corporate campus until they get a response from Monsanto. [UPDATE: MONSANTO STATEMENT BELOW.]

The group was confronted by counter demonstrators from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who carried signs proclaiming “PIGS ARE PEOPLE TOO.” Some scantily-clad female PETA protestors threatened a sex strike to protest actual pig parts consumption. “WANT BOINK? NO OINK!” read one sign.

Mas…Protestors target Monsanto’s plans for soy ‘chicharrones’ (updated)