Angry Tejanos demand British Museum return Freddy Fender’s wig

(PNS reporting from TEXAS) Tejanos want singer Freddy Fender’s wig back.

The Música Committee of the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center in San Benito last week demanded the British Museum effect “the immediate return of this important Tejano cultural item.”

The salt-and-pepper Afro-style toupee, called “Freddy’s Fro,” disappeared from the singer’s home shortly after his death in 2006 and reappeared this winter in the Museum’s “Ethnic Minorities in the United States” exhibit on a mannequin of the singer, best known for his 1970s’ hit Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.

Mas…Angry Tejanos demand British Museum return Freddy Fender’s wig

Letter to the Editor: How Cooter and son welcomed me to Alabama

I knew that I was in a heap of trouble when the mechanics showed up in a big old beat-up four-wheel-drive mud-covered truck with a hand-painted sign on the doors that read Cooter’s Roadside Auto Repair.

These fellas sat in their truck a little too long — staring at me — before they got out to reveal they were dressed in camouflage hunting outfits from head to toe. Their caps were camo as well, except for the Confederate flag emblem on the front. Their clothes were covered in dirt, grease, and what looked like blood stains, the same stains they had on their faces.

I was on my way back to Austin, TX from the East Coast. I had gone to do some remodeling work on my rich sister’s vacation home on Chesapeake Bay and was happy to be coming home with a little extra cash, around three grand, in my pocket.

Then, as luck would have it, or as my dad would say, all the good shit just turned to crap.

Mas…Letter to the Editor: How Cooter and son welcomed me to Alabama

Time to boogie: Kid Ramos & the Fabulocos are ‘Burnin’ the Chicken’

Are you ready to boogie? Straight-up Texican boogie rocks the house eight to the bar in this 2009 Fabulocos show. The band is smokin’ — Mike Molina on drums, James Barrios on bass and Kid Ramos on guitar live in New Braunfels, TX. You can see in the video that it’s daytime in Texas. Luckily, damn daylight savings doesn’t mean it’s too early to boogie!