Castro and Obama start a new era with beisbol in Havana (GIF,video)

Cuba’s President Raul Castro and President Barack Obama were the world’s most famous fans Tuesday as they wrapped up their historic fence-mending encounter by doing the wave at an exhibition baseball game in Havana.

Mas…Castro and Obama start a new era with beisbol in Havana (GIF,video)

Late Night con Badía: What’s Pope Francis up to in Juarez? (video)

¿A qué viene el Papa a Juárez?

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Posted by El Late Night con Badía. on Sunday, February 14, 2016

En route to Juarez, Mexico, El Papa Francisco calls up Jesus Cristo to see maybe they can spend some fun time hanging out.

Iguanas everywhere? This must be Nicaragua (video)

“Traveling to Nicaragua with his family, a young boy finds the world a weirder, scarier, and more difficult place. And filled, stuffed, and absolutely teeming with iguanas,” explains creator Miguel Jeron. The L.A. resident calls his video LA-GAR-TO. We do not know if he rolls his RRRRRR’s.

Pocho Ocho worst possible summer vacation destinations

School’s out, summer’s in. Where you going for vacation? Huh? We asked you a question!

OK then.  Be that way. Two can play that game. Here’s our list of the Pocho Ocho worst possible vacation destinations:

8. Community service. Were you volunteered? Court-ordered? Did your mom rope you into it? Whether it’s babysitting bratty kids at church or painting over graffiti-ed walls that will be covered in new graffiti by the next morning, there’s nothing quite like serving your community.

7. The public pool. Why such a drag? Probably because it’s about 60% chlorine and 40% other peoples’ urine. Swim away!

6. Your family’s rancho in the old country. No running water, no AC, no TP, you may not speak the language, no TV, no Internet, your relatives laugh at you behind your back — or to your face — and you have no escape until your parents come back for you.

5. Sleeping under a cactus with your tío. What? Do Mexicans not do that anymore?

Mas…Pocho Ocho worst possible summer vacation destinations