WATCH: From maiz to masa, from masa to your table (mesa)

From Milpa to Mesa highlights the process of transforming heirloom corn from tiny farms across Mexico into tortillas.

Helpful glossary from video creators The Perennial Plate:

  • Milpa: A traditional and sustainable maize farm that cultivates corn, beans and squash
  • Nixtamalization: The ancient, Mesomerican process of steeping kernels with an alkaline ingredient, which softens the corn and turns it into a superfood
  • Grind: The art of milling nixtamalized corn using volcanic stones to produce masa
    Masa : The dough that transforms into hundreds of recipes, including tortillas, tortilla chips and tamales
  • Mesa: A table at which to enjoy the flavors of this culinary phenomenon

[MASIENDA is a purveyor of non GMO heirloom corn.]