NPR Audio: ‘The Book of Life’ is spooky fun for whole familia

bol150The Book Of Life movie premiere was this weekend, and POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz was there. He thinks it is a beautiful, lush and fun familia film.

Lalo spoke to National Public Radio’s national reporter Mandalit del Barco after the film.

Check out this brilliant report that explains the origins of the pelicula and features writer and director Jorge Gutierrez, executive producer Guillermo del Toro and Lalo at the end, talking about the whole Disney/Pixar Day of the Dead trademark flap.


Viva Muerto Mouse!

Mas…NPR Audio: ‘The Book of Life’ is spooky fun for whole familia

Back from Baja vacay, local man laments Cabo’s lack of Mexican food

(PNS reporting from PHILADELPHIA) Bobby Mueller doesn’t want to be unkind, really. “My mother taught me that if you don’t have something nice to say, it’s better to say nothing at all,” he explains. “But the so-called Mexican food in Cabo San Lucas bites the big one.”

The University City marketing rep, who returned Sunday night from a week-long vacation on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, was complaining to friends at a local brew-pub-salumeria.

“I spent an entire week looking for decent quinoa taquitos with pesto guacamole,” the self-described ‘foodie’ said, “and do you think I found them anywhere? No dice, dude. Zilch. Nada!”

Mas…Back from Baja vacay, local man laments Cabo’s lack of Mexican food

Dear Mr. Politically-Correct Burrito Preservationist: WTF?

God bless America, and the moo-shu pork burrito

This guy Juan Faura is all pissed off because burritos aren’t just the way he wants them to be anymore. Now they have icky stuff in them. Breakfast stuff sometimes. Bleu cheese even. The Horror!

Bleu cheese and chikken (yes with two Ks) with thyme “burrito” really?  Burrito?  What is going on?  I’ll tell you what’s going on, someone has come in the dead of night and quietly, with full knowledge and malice, abducted our beloved “burrito”.

Definitions can be either prescriptive or descriptive. You can prescribe that a puro pizza must be made with tomato, basil and cheese only, or it isn’t really a pizza. Or describe that in wacky Califas, we have Thai barbecued chicken pizzas, and carnitas picsa and Oh! there’s The Horror again.

People are always trying to keep things “pure.” In Spain, the Royal Academy wants to regulate Spanish. Words they don’t like — new words, loan words, Spanglish words that are actually spoken — are forbidden. They fight a losing battle, because the only constant in language is change, despite the king and his court.

This mad delusion is everywhere. In poor, flooded Bangla Desh, they are trying to outlaw the mixture of Bengali and English called Banglish. POCHO pities the fools.

Mas…Dear Mr. Politically-Correct Burrito Preservationist: WTF?