White lady does not like brown family’s birthday party (video)


Gracie Pinzón de Hernández writes on Facebook:

I thought I would share this with you guys… this woman almost got away with robbing us from the joy of celebrating 4 years of life for our little one. We planned and saved to give him the kind of party we never had. My husband and I thought we would never be parents so birthdays are a big deal. I almost didn’t post this but decided that I needed to.

I still can’t understand what her issue was. I payed and reserved our area and had the proper permits. We tried not to let it get to us but to be honest, our hearts were heavy. This video was taken once she returned a second time. She first walked by with her husband and son and started harassing us. Sad part was, her son was talking down to us as well. Telling us we had no right being there. She then returned and started taking pictures of our tables and chairs and threatened to contact the city. We continued to try to explain to her that we had paid for and reserved our spot. I’m so glad that our son didn’t witness how ugly people could be sometimes. I wish I could sheild him from the harsh realities he might have to face for no other reason than the color of his skin or his name. It makes me so sad that she is teaching her son to hate and to look down on people who look different than he does. By the way, she also complained about our caution tape which we also had to explain… It was a Construction themed party!

We contacted Gracie via Facebook Messenger for an update this afternoon:

Did she say anything specifically racist?

Nothing outwardly racist. We just know that if we had been a while family, she would have kept walking. She said she had lived in the neighborhood for twelve years and had never seen such a big party. She said we took over the park. We took a section. And I paid and reserved it. I had the permit with me which I offered to show her but she said it didn’t matter. She was going to take it up with the city.