White lady does not like brown family’s birthday party (video)


Gracie Pinzón de Hernández writes on Facebook:

I thought I would share this with you guys… this woman almost got away with robbing us from the joy of celebrating 4 years of life for our little one. We planned and saved to give him the kind of party we never had. My husband and I thought we would never be parents so birthdays are a big deal. I almost didn’t post this but decided that I needed to.

Mas…White lady does not like brown family’s birthday party (video)

It CAN happen here: 20,000 Nazis rally at Madison Square Garden (video)

There’s a former American Nazi Party official running on the GOP ticket for United States Congress in Illinois. Trump defended the Nazis who marched and murdered in Charlottesville. His administration demonizes and criminalizes the lives of people of color, non-Christians, LGBT citizens, and immigrants.

And in 1939, 20,000 Americans rallied in Madison Square Garden to support the Nazis. It can’t happen here? IT ALREADY HAS.