truckinteriorBecause of you know who and you know why, we thought it would be chingon to take a look back at the taco truck videos that have graced POCHO’s pages over the years.

Did we mention we love tacos?

In no particular order: [Mas…]

We Are The Taco Truck Party
Here’s Our Plan To Make America Asada Again

The reaction to last week’s dark warning by a Latino Trump supporter that unchecked Mexicans will lead to “taco trucks on every corner” has exposed a beautiful truth: America loves loncheras.

But far too many taco fans only think of the food and not the people who make it. They fight to legalize carne asada, but not the millions of raza without papers in this country whose comida they happily grub.#tacotrucksoneverycorner is the perfect opportunity to educate the unwoke—and that’s why we formed The Taco Truck Party.

People will trash Mexicans all day and the nation shrugs, but say one bad word against the taco truck down the street, and America revolts—and rightfully so.

The taco truck represents America at its finest: multicultural, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, and with al pastor always, slowly twirling. They have spread from their birthplace of Los Angeles to all points of the United States, with street vendors and the chorizo guy who sells door to door not far behind.

But this important constituency has no national party fighting for them—until now.

Sing along with America! The Taco Trucks Anthem was written on a taco truck napkin by POCHO amigo JIMWiCH and performed by the U.S. Marine Band and friends:

Oh beautiful for taco trucks
On every corner YES
Fresh salsa on tortilla chips
Our country God did bless





tedcruzdonkeyhoteySenator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has reintroduced legislation to take away federal benefits from same-sex married couples. But this troglodyte’s penedjitis is too advanced to stop at one stupid and hateful idea.

That’s right, there’s more — Ted Cruz’s Pocho Ocho Top Legislative Priorities for 2015:

8. Federal guidelines on subsidized school lunches for poor children shall encourage incorporation of nutritious roadkill meat, especially racoon. Now yer ‘coon is a touch on the greasy side, not sweet like ‘possum, but if you cook ’em up right, mmmmmmm, racoon!

7. Women banned from buying condoms because it curtails a Man’s Right to Reproduce.

6. Solar energy outlawed because it sucks the light right out of the Sun. [Mas…]

What is a burro? ¡Mira! (photo)

by JIMWICH August 11, 2014 Cultura
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At the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, MO, last week, a question for the ages: What is a burro? [Click on the photograph to enlarge.] PREVIOUSLY BY JIMWICH:


Breaking: Japanese actor Bad Badtz-Maru cast as Chicano

by Comic Saenz September 16, 2013 Cultura
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(PNS reporting from TOKYO) Japanese character actor Bad Badtz-Maru will star as a gang-banging, tagging Chicano in a new animated feature called Angry Bird O.G., PNS confirmed on Sunday. This could be a comeback role for 20-year-old Badtz-Maru (バッドばつ丸). The spiky-haired method actor has found little work since playing the mascot at the 2006 FIBA […]


Fresh off the Photoshop: ‘Girl with a parole hearing’ (toon)

by JIMWICH March 1, 2013 Cartoons
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Does this prison outfit make my butt look fat? [Illustration by jimwich] MORE FROM JIMWICH: