new years resolutions

resolutionWe asked the POCHO posse to share their New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. After the responses came in, we picked the best answers, and then carefully removed all the information that could personally identify the authors because El Cucuy.

And so we present Los Pochodores’ Pocho Ocho Top New Year Revolutions:

8. Update my Nahuatl name to reflect my aspirations.

7. Get in shape for the Grito Contest at Charro Days.

6. Start a frijoles community garden for my locavore needs. [Mas…]

cucahipstersTo be a Chipster (Chicano + Hipster) is not a destination, but a journey, and seekers must never rest. These are the Pocho Ocho Chipster New Year’s Resolutions our readers shared with us:

8. Despite the Indio heritage that gives me a sparse Fu Manchu facial hair configuration, I resolve to grow a Chente-strength bigote in 2014.

7. Nopalitos every day keeps the doctor away.

6. Repeat after me: Tenochtitlan, not panocha flan. [Mas…]

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz [Mas…]

By Julio Salgado

Hatred of the poor edged out racism and homophobia in the Iowa GOP caucuses, a Fresno man was mauled by chihuahuas and died of shame, and the attempt to repeal the California Dream Act failed when the referendum’s backer (photo, right) couldn’t score enough racist jerkwad signatures to get their scheme placed on the ballot.

For these Pochostan stories and more, click here: [Mas…]

8. Remove Christmas lights from my Occupy L.A. tent a little earlier this year

7. Scare white folks with the 2012 Doomsday predictions

6. Get Cheech to collect one of my Chicano paintings

5. Train my revolutionary pets Karl Barx and Chairman Meow to attack all Republicanos in mi barrio [Mas…]

8. Wear more slimming clothes

7. Get a new job to supplement income from five other jobs

6. Take a vacation at one of those nice FEMA camps

5. Quit drinking alcohol that doesn’t get me fucked up really fast

4. Reduce financial stress by picking up a hobby, like bank robbing, or writing a hit song

3. Start eating my 10-year supply of freeze-dried survival food

2. “Party Like It’s 2012”

And my top New Year’s Resolution for 2012:

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What are your New Year’s resolutions? Post them here!