Survey says? Pocho Ocho top Chipster New Year’s Resolutions

cucahipstersTo be a Chipster (Chicano + Hipster) is not a destination, but a journey, and seekers must never rest. These are the Pocho Ocho Chipster New Year’s Resolutions our readers shared with us:

8. Despite the Indio heritage that gives me a sparse Fu Manchu facial hair configuration, I resolve to grow a Chente-strength bigote in 2014.

7. Nopalitos every day keeps the doctor away.

6. Repeat after me: Tenochtitlan, not panocha flan.

5. Two words: More down.

4. Fill in gaps in Morrissey bootleg t-shirt collection.

3. Get sugar skull tattoo on other arm.

2. Hydraulics to lower the Vespa.

And the numero uno Chipster New Year’s Resolution is…

Finally learn Espanish by attending language school in Guanajuato.