Are you a ‘Chipster’ (Chicano + hipster)? Pocho Ocho ways to tell

Are you a Chipster (Chicano + hipster)? There are Pocho Ocho ways to tell. You might be a Chipster if…

8. You wear skinny jeans instead of Levi’s when swimming at the beach

7. You scored a medical marijuana prescription to protect you from the ojo

6. Your tricked-out chrome lowrider bike is a vintage Schwinn fixie

5. You got “CHAVO” tattooed on the knuckles of one hand and “OCHO” tattooed on the other

4. You traded your Vicente Fernandez ‘stache for a Flores Magon model

3. You use Tres Flores on your faux hawk

2. Your yard birds are guajolotes

And the numero uno way you might be a Chipster is...

You gentrified your own neighborhood when you moved back in with your mom.