As Hispanic Heritage Month 2019 ends, Brooklyn Hispanics try to carry on


(PNS reporting from BROOKLYN) Hispanic Heritage Month is ending, and without the corporate-approved celebration as a focus, local members of the Hispanic/Latino community here aren’t really sure how they can go on being local members of the local Hispanic/Latino community here.

“What now?” lamented Brooklyn native and prolific bloguera Marielena Gutierrez (photo)

“Should I tell people to call me Mary Ellen for the remaining 11 months of the year? It’s not like they ever pronounce it right anyway,” she wrote on her PobrePickle blog.

Mas…As Hispanic Heritage Month 2019 ends, Brooklyn Hispanics try to carry on

Stereotyped Mexican bandido says ‘Prepare to die, amigo’ (toon)

Sometimes you think your job is done — after all, having written a book that attempted to chronicle the history of “Mexicans” in American popular culture, you think you’d get a break.

But, of course, that’s naive.

If anything, in the age of our Dumpster Fire POTUS, Mexican stereotypes are the rage! This MAMMOTH WESTERN “Mexican” is Exhibit #1 — if you ever wonder why you can’t turn on the TV (or your streaming, throbbing thingie in your pocket, your phone!) without seeing a narco, well, meet his grandpappy, the inspiration for Trump’s BAD HOMBRE racist,xenophobic slur.

You can buy this 1949 comic for under $100!

The History of Mexico’s Fastest Mouse, Speedy Gonzales (video)

Young Speedy

Our hero Speedy Gonzales, Mexico’s fastest mouse, gets a simplistic but interesting bio in this short video. It’s cool to see the initial cartoon version of the rascally rodent (photo), and his later pairings with Daffy Duck. And the quick coverage of the “offensive stereotype” issue gives us this great screencap of Warner Bros’ Official Cover My Ass Statement:

Mas…The History of Mexico’s Fastest Mouse, Speedy Gonzales (video)

Stereotype much? TV spot for Spectrum cable’s Mi Plan has ’em all

Hot sexy salsa dancers! A party — or is it a fiesta? Hopping lowriders! Flags of many nations! Something for the kids! Did Charter/Spectrum/TimeWarner/RoadRunner miss any Latinx cliches?

We asked our favorite ad maven Bernadette Rivero what was missing and what was happening in this spot:

“Missing?” she emailed back. “An abuela kicking a soccer ball with her feet while batting a piñata with one hand and making a call to Latin America.”

Can you spot the Latino in this photograph?

salvadorlitvakI’m pretty sure I was the only redhead at the NYU Latino Law Students Association Gala in the spring of 1990. The food was delicious, my date looked stunning, and I was glad I had jumped on the opportunity when I received the LALSA invitation.

My journey to that moment began 25 years earlier. I was born in Santiago, Chile in 1965: a third generation Chilean on my father’s side (whose people came from Odessa), and first generation on my mother’s side, who arrived when she was 12 from Hungary.

We left Chile in 1970 after the election of socialist president Salvador Allende. For Mom, socialism was close enough to the Soviet regime she’d fled in Hungary.

I started kindergarten at P.S. 81 in the Bronx. With a curly mop of flaming red hair and speaking only Spanish, I immediately embarked on a lifelong career of not fitting in. I learned English fast, but I still felt like an outsider. I got into X-Men comics because I identified with the mutants.

Mas…Can you spot the Latino in this photograph?

¡Orale! Anti-NDN racism is gone in Cleveland (It’s all over, right?)

roche_and_pedro_rodriguezOld racist times are they a changin’?

Monday was the day for the long-awaited peace summit between the two opposing subjects of my eerily-accurate anti-mascot cartoon from 2002.

“But dude, I’m honoring you!” came to the Cleveland Indians stadium to apologize to the Native American anti-mascot protester.

Indian Country Today Media Network reports:

Mas…¡Orale! Anti-NDN racism is gone in Cleveland (It’s all over, right?)

‘Meet an (orange is the new black) Immigrant’ (video)

Thought experiment? Guerrilla theater? A prank?

When Sergio Mieja (he’s @SMieja95 on the Twitter) got the idea for this video, he didn’t know exactly what the message was. He just wanted to see who supported Donald Trump.

“But as I was filming it,” he explains, “many of the people I met expressed their feeling and emotions towards this subject and it was then I knew what the purpose of this video was and realized it had a much more significant meaning. Please share this message with your friends and family.”

Casting Call: Latina actress to play Donald Trump’s assistant (photo)

castingAre you an attractive and passionate Latina actress, 21-35, with perfect English and a slight Hispanic accent who wants to deliver scripted monologues talking straight to the camera about your experiences working as an executive assistant for Donald Trump for an Internet video of some sort?

Don’t apply if you’re in the Screen Actors Guild, or want to get paid. You’ll get a copy, your name will be in the credits and you can be a star on social media. Bring your own lube.

Here’s the original casting notice email, via Los Angeles actor Siri Corretjer on Facebook:

Mas…Casting Call: Latina actress to play Donald Trump’s assistant (photo)