Survey says? Pocho Ocho top Chipster New Year’s Resolutions

cucahipstersTo be a Chipster (Chicano + Hipster) is not a destination, but a journey, and seekers must never rest. These are the Pocho Ocho Chipster New Year’s Resolutions our readers shared with us:

8. Despite the Indio heritage that gives me a sparse Fu Manchu facial hair configuration, I resolve to grow a Chente-strength bigote in 2014.

7. Nopalitos every day keeps the doctor away.

6. Repeat after me: Tenochtitlan, not panocha flan.

Mas…Survey says? Pocho Ocho top Chipster New Year’s Resolutions

Francisco Garcia Lopez wins ‘Most Mexican Man in the World’

nopales(PNS reporting from GUANAJUATO, MX) Francisco Garcia Lopez was named Most Mexican Man in the World in the final episode of Who Is More Mexican ? (¿Quién es más mexicano?) recorded here last night, PNS has learned.

Audience members exiting the taping at Teatro Televisio said that winner Lopez (publicity photo, above) had impressed the judges with his singular dedication.

Lopez, a 37-year-old bachelor attorney, “underwent extreme body modification, all the way down to his prickly pear,” one excited fan gushed.

Mas…Francisco Garcia Lopez wins ‘Most Mexican Man in the World’

Nopal en la frente, nopales for dinner w/ @SaraChicaD (video)

Sara Inés Calderón (@SaraChicaD on the Twitter) does not look Mexican. But even if she doesn’t have a nopal on her forehead, she has nopales in the frying pan. [With these Vine videos you need to click on the speaker icon in the top left of the image to hear Sara Inés squee.]


Ñewsweek: Chente, Los Grammys and @MexicanMitt

¡Guadalajara, Guadalajara!

Vicente Fernandez, Los Grammys and the continuing adventures of presidential hopeful @MexicanMitt were the big stories this week on POCHO: