Last Sunday night my dad picked me up at the San Diego Airport after my nine-hour, one stop in Houston, flight from Mexico City, and my uncle called over the Bluetooth and started chatting about his recent visit to my city of residence.

“At first I was afraid to be walking around el Centro, but after a few days I got over it.”

If a Pocho who lived in CDMX for over 20 years fears a short trip back to Mexico City, then what are the rest of us Millenial Poch@s out here supposed to do to conquer this? Have no fear!

The Pochas Guide to Mexico City is here! [Mas…]

What are they eating? Chips? Rolled taquito-looking snacks? Does she say “Mexican sweet chile?” We don’t know, but how can you go wrong when one crunchy bite magically turns this attractive Thai couple into tango-dancing Mexicans! [Mariachis not included.]


Attention Latino/Hispanic children in southeast Florida: Santa Claus does not want your milk and cookies, kids. He wants plantanos, y arroz y frijoles negros y res (could be puerco) … from Sedano’s.

Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t!

Para reír un rato.

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kalbaztacoKalbaz Taco. It’s what’s for snack. From Egypt Foods Group, A World of Snacks. [Mas…]

raspawar (PNS reporting from EDINBURG, TX) Eddie’s Raspas, the sunny yellow shack out on Sprague, used to be the place to be on a scorching Valley afternoon.

“People would come from all around and say, ‘Eddie, which of your five delicious flavors shall I have today?’” Eddie Cardenas recalled fondly. “It was great.”

Until six weeks ago, that is, when an electric-blue trailer moved in across the street.

Cardenas said that newcomer Chuy’s Famous Raspas is stealing his business, and shaming the shaved ice industry as a whole.

“It’s trashy,” he said, speaking over the pop music coming from the nearby trailer. “You give people so many flavor options, they feel paralyzed! Now I’m hearing whispers about burritos and Frito pies? It’s war, I’m telling you. [Mas…]

Super Bowl Sunday is guacamole’s biggest day (videos)

by MOSCA MEXICAN January 31, 2014 Cultura
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Americans will eat 100 million pounds of avocados on Super Bowl Sunday (that’s 100,000,000), mostly as guacamole: Southern California Public Radio reports: Avocado growers in Mexico have figured out that Americans need a lot of avocados about now, and they’re always ready to meet the demand. “They step up their volume for those weeks leading […]